Pete MarchettoPete Marchetto (KC2BJT) — CV

  • Ph.D. Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2015.
  • M.S. Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2015.
  • B.S. Physics, Ramapo College of New Jersey, 2007.

ORCID: 0000-0002-7302-0905

Research Summary:

My research is focused on how to get data from the natural environment out of the field and into a form that can be used to make decisions. I make sensors and sensing systems that can be deployed statically, or dynamically on rovers or UAVs, which can be used to check anything from the methane off-gassing of a manure pool, water quality of agricultural runoffs to whether invasive species of fish are swimming up the Mississippi. Of particular interest to me are open biological problems, especially in agriculture, silviculture, and natural resource management, where sensing systems will allow for new data to answer old questions, such as in stream gauging, water and air quality assessment, and in regions drastically affected by climate change.


Graduate Students:

Daniel Furuta (MS/Ph.D.) — CVDaniel Furuta

  • B.A. Music, Grinnell College, 2008.

ORCID: 0000-0002-9603-9262



Undergraduate Students:

Tanner JohnsonTanner Johnson

  • B.S. BBE (EEE), UMN, 2020 (expected).



Ali Moghimi — CVAli Moghimi

  • Ph.D. BBSEM, UMN, 2019.
  • M.S. Agricultural Engineering, Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 2008.
  • B.S. Agricultural Engineering, Bahonar University of Kerman, 2004.
  • co-advised by Ce Yang.

ORCID: 0000-0002-9249-8365



Stijn Vandycke — CVStijn Vandycke

  • M.S. BBSEM, UMN, 2018.
  • M.Eng. Electromechanical Engineering, TU Leuven, 2017.
  • B.S. Engineering Technology, TU Leuven, 2016.
  • co-advised by Ce Yang.

ORCID: 0000-0003-0103-1442


Keiran Cantilina (KD2KQE) — CVKeiran Cantilina

  • M.S. BBSEM, UMN, 2018.
  • B.S. Biological Sciences, Cornell University, 2015.

ORCID: 0000-0001-9831-8436




Emily JohnsonEmily Johnson

  • B.S. BBE (EEE), UMN, 2018.







Fletcher GilbertsonFletcher Gilbertson

  • B.S. BBE (BE), UMN, 2017.




Kate KuehlKate Kuehl

  • B.A. Computer Science and B.S. Food Systems (Double Major), UMN, 2019 (expected).