Facilities and Equipment

Our lab has fabrication facilities for both mechanical and electronic devices. We are set up to create two-sided PCBs in-house, populate and test them, waterproof them with conformal coatings, and fabricate enclosures for them. On the mechanical side, we’re equipped with a small rapid prototyping shop and a larger gantry CNC for planar fabrication of wooden and plastic objects. Our major fabrication equipment list:

The electronics lab is equipped with current generation test and measurement equipment for DC-to-daylight and beyond. Our test equipment list:

We also have field support capabilities for environmental instrumentation and outdoor robots that need maintenance far from the shop, and communications support for both these and any other field operations. Most people in the lab are amateur radio operators, and have first aid or wilderness first aid training. Here’s a link to our field pack inventory, and here’s our communications capabilities:

Our sensing systems and electronics fabrication lab is located in room 4 BioAgEng while our test lab and mechanical fabrication space is in the room 48 high bay in the Engineering and Fisheries Lab.